City of Deer Park considering additional plowing equipment

Michael Brock

The city of Deer Park is looking into purchasing some new equipment to aid in the snow plowing process for next winter.

Brad Wainwright, the supervisor of city maintenance services, said that he, along with Mayor Tim Verzal and Community Service Director Roger Krieger, have been considering three different models of a similar piece of machinery. Wainwright, Verzal and Krieger are wanting to add an 18-foot blade, that can attach to a loader, to the city's existing plowing arsenal.

"There's three sections to it," Wainwright said. "The center part is like a regular snow plow. And then the two end wings will actually rotate 180 degrees."

City employees currently have a backhoe, a loader and three motor graters that they plow with, along with a skid steer for sidewalks. They are also looking into leasing another loader. The new piece of equipment, which is expected to be ordered sometime this summer, would either attach to the current loader or the one being leased.

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