Deer Park city council approves local emergency declaration

Michael Brock

During tonight’s teleconference meeting, the Deer Park city council declared a local state of emergency with respect to COVID-19.

The resolution ratified Deer Park Mayor Tim Verzal’s emergency proclamation, which was signed on March 17.

This declaration, which is similar to others around the nation right now, authorizes Mayor Verzal and city staff to make certain actions on behalf of Deer Park and authorizes Mayor Verzal to use all emergency power and authority as he deems appropriate.

According to the resolution, this includes “the right to purchase materials, equipment and supplies, enter into public works contracts, employ temporary workers, and incur obligations without regard to time-consuming procedures and formalities prescribed by law (excepting Constitutional requirements).”

City staff and Mayor Verzal are also authorized to request all available state and federal financial aid and other assistance necessary to respond to the emergency.

Mayor Verzal ended the meeting with a message about the “learning experience” COVID-19 presents.

“This is my junior year in this position and these are really trying times,” Verzal said. “The staff here at the city has been fabulous. Everybody’s pulling their weight plus (some).”