Greetings from the new reporter

Michael Brock

Hello readers of the Deer Park Tribune,
For those who don’t know me (so um, practically everyone reading this), my name is Michael Brock and I am the new reporter for the Tribune.

Here’s a little about me: I grew up in a small fishing town in southeast Alaska called Petersburg. I am a lifelong sports fanatic, first and foremost of basketball. Covering the sport while remaining close to the action was what first drew me to reporting when I got to college in Oregon. After playing basketball my whole life, I eventually realized my dream of being a 5-foot-six NBA point guard was dwindling and it was time to hang up the sneakers.

I started writing for the school newspaper my first term of college and was instantly hooked when they assigned me to cover the basketball games. Since then, I’ve expanded beyond sports and even switched schools to pursue journalism long term. I graduated last June from Eastern Washington University in Cheney.

Community involvement is key to a functioning populace. Journalism is as well; a primary purpose of journalism is to inform the public about what is going on around them. I want to tell the stories of the Deer Park community and its people. Coming from a small town in Alaska—we have around 3,000 people—I can relate to a lot of the matters and concerns that come up in a place this size. (Oh, and I’m used to this frigid weather too).

I join the city of Deer Park eager to learn. To learn about the town, its community and its people. To learn more about reporting, design and photography. And to learn about myself. This is my first job out of college in my field, and I couldn’t be happier that it is happening in Deer Park.

In closing, don’t be a stranger to me or to the newspaper. I invite everyone to wave at me on the street or strike up a conversation whenever or wherever you see me. And if you have a tip or idea for a story, be sure to email me at