Backyard Market opens in Elk

(left to right) Travis Lyman, Seth Walser, Isaac Walser, Isiah Walser
Michael Brock

The recently established Backyard Market, located in Elk, has a unique origin story.

Since 2003, Bill and Katheryn Kemp have operated The Picture Peddler. After observing neighbor Travis Lyman’s gardening chops as well as the community’s need for fresh food options, the couple went into business with Lyman and soon hired two teenage boys, Isaac and Isiah.

This is where Lyman’s longtime friend Seth Walser, father of the 16-year-old twins, enters the fold.

“They were having so much fun, I was like, ‘I can’t let them have all the fun without me,’ so I quit my career and have jumped in,” Walser said.

Before last summer, Walser had been a cannabis farmer for north of 25 years.

Read the full story on the market garden in the May 6, 2020 issue of the Deer Park Tribune.