Deer Park emergency proclamation remains in place indefinitely

Michael Brock

The city of Deer Park’s emergency proclamation will remain in effect indefinitely after a motion to revisit the resolution at a later meeting failed 2–3 during a teleconference council meeting on May 6.

“So far it has not been necessary for me to utilize any of the emergency powers delegated to me in the resolution,” Deer Park Mayor Tim Verzal said in the May 6 meeting. “My recommendation is to leave the resolution in place at this time and monitor and review it again at the second meeting in June.”

When it was implemented at the April 1 meeting, the emergency proclamation was set for review at the first regular city council meeting in May. Now it will remain in place until it is deemed unnecessary. Councilmembers Caleb Stapp and Richie Schut voted in favor of revisiting the resolution at the July 15 meeting; councilmembers Dee Cragun, Mary Babb and Ron Scholz voted against.

Read the full article in the May 13, 2020 issue of the Deer Park Tribune.