Local middle schools announce intramural seasons

Staff Writer

Starting today, March 8, sports will be offered five days a week to middle school students at Deer Park and Riverside. Students will participate on their assigned color group day, while those learning remotely will choose a day and stick with it throughout the season.

Attendees will be capped at 200, including players and spectators. Sixth graders are only eligible for wrestling and cross country.

Both Riverside and Deer Park have essentially the same schedule, with the only difference being three extra days for track at RMS.

March 8 – March 26

7th/8th Grade Girls’ Volleyball 7th/8th Grade Flag Football


April 12 – April 29

7th/8th Grade Boys’ and Girls’ 3-on-3 Basketball


May 3 – May 19

6th/7th/8th Grade Boys’ and Girls’ X-C


May 3 – May 20

7th/8th Grade Girls’ Softball Wrestling


May 24 – June 11

7th/8th Grade Boys’ and Girls’ Track


May 24 – June 14

7th/8th Grade Baseball

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