USPS postcard contains inaccurate information for WA voters

Spokane County
Press Release

Last weekend, voters in Washington began receiving postcards from the US Postal Service with recommendations for voting in this year’s General Election. Two of the five tips are not relevant to Washington.

One of the recommendations is to request a ballot 15 days before Election Day. This is not necessary since every active registered voter in Washington is automatically mailed a ballot at least 18 days before Election Day. This year, ballots will be in the mail by October 16.

The second recommendation is to affix first class postage when the voter returns the ballot. Since 2019, the ballot return envelopes in Washington include prepaid-postage. Affixing first-class postage is not necessary and will not speed delivery.

Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton stated, “While elections officials throughout the county and state level appreciate the desire to help, this mailer was not vetted with us. Washington election officials and local USPS representatives were not aware of the mailer until the postcard began appearing in mailboxes on Friday, September 11.”

Washington voters have an effective tool to ensure that their ballots arrive in their mailbox, are returned and are counted. Each voter can verify their own registration and ballot information through

With a Washington State Driver’s License, voters can register online until October 26 through this website.

Voters can contact the local County elections website for additional information. In Spokane County, voters should visit