With a week before Election Day, a look at voter turnout

Michael Brock

With less than a week remaining until Election Day on Nov. 3, well over half of the registered voters in Spokane County have cast their ballot.

As of Tuesday evening, 198,813 of the 361,097 active registered voters in the county had returned their ballots, for a percentage of 55.06%.

Legislative District 7 & 9 — which represents Deer Park — currently has the highest percentage returned with 57.72%. (So far 50,568 of the 29,189 registered voters have cast a ballot).

State and county officials expected an abundance of voters to turn out this year, especially after Washington state experienced its highest primary percentage since 1964. Up nearly 20% from the 2016 primary, 54.44% of statewide registered voters cast a ballot in August. Spokane County was one of the lowest in Washington state with 49.72%.

The state record for general election turnout is 84.6%, which was set in 2008. Primary turnout that August was 42.6% statewide.